• Quantity Per Pallet: 84
  • Length: 13.3125
  • Width: 10.0625
  • Height: 9.3125
  • UPC Code: 00080565696122

CAM 2 PROTECT75 5W-20 High Mileage Synthetic Blend Engine Oil


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    CAM2 PROTECT75 HIGH MILEAGE 5W-20 Motor Oil is formulated to meet the requirements of higher mileage engines. As your engine ages and accumulates over 75,000 miles, problems such as oil consumption, oil leakage and lower cylinder compression may arise. Most modern engines oils are formulated to meet new car warranty requirements and are not specifically designed to address the needs of higher mileage engines, CAM2 PROTECT75 HIGH MILEAGE 5W-20 Motor Oil is designed for both.CAM2 PROTECT75 HIGH MILEAGE 5W-20 Motor Oil contains specific additives targeted to counter the effects of high mileage on your engine. Higher mileage engines can experience spark plug fouling, excessive intake valve deposits and sludge build up which can lead to a loss of power and performance.CAM2 PROTECT75 HIGH MILEAGE Motor Oils are specially blended engine oils that have a low volatility, which helps reduce oil consumption, special seal conditioning agents and premium additives for improved wear protection needed in new and high mileage engines.

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