• Quantity Per Pallet: 84
  • Length: 13.3125
  • Width: 10.0625
  • Height: 9.3125
  • UPC Code: 0 80565 08401 1
  • Case Code: 0 00 80565 08412 7

CAM2 PROTECT75 10W-40 SP High Mileage Engine Oil


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    CAM2 Protect75 motor oils are licensed API SP and approved premium quality high mileage motor oils that contain specific additives targeted to counter the effects of high mileage on your engine. Protect75 Motor Oils are specially blended with premium low volatility base oils and special seal swell agents engineered to prevent leaks, reducing oil consumption and wear leading to increased fuel economy in new and high mileage engines. CAM2 Protect75 Motor Oils are recommended for use in passenger cars, light trucks, powerboats, motorcycles, and other stationary and mobile equipment. •Excellent Fuel Economy •Low Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI) Protection •Piston Cleanliness For Turbocharged Engines

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