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  • UPC Code: 80565702557

CAM2 NGEO Low Ash Engine Oil SAE 30


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    CAM2 LOW ASH GAS ENGINE OILS are low ash lubricants, which are recommended primarily for use in the lubrication of naturally–aspirated to highly turbocharged, medium and high speed, high output four-cycle engines.  They can also be recommended for engines in cogeneration service, digester gas-fueled, dual-fueled (i.e. diesel/natural gas) and diesel-fueled service.  They are formulated from quality high VI base stock and selected additives to provide excellent levels of detergency and dispersancy required for deposit control in high speed, severe service engines.  These products contain anitwear additives and additional antioxidant for improved oxidation, nitration stability and resistance to thermal breakdown for long service life.  These products meet API CF service level.

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