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  • UPC Code: 080565448028
  • Case Code: 00080565448615

CAM2 365 Windshield Washer Fluid w/ Rain Barrier Technology


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    CAM 2 365 Windshield Washer Fluid is a premium, ready to use washer fluid that applies a technologically advanced invisible film on glass surfaces which promotes rapid beading for greater year-round visibility. This advanced formula has excellent streak-free cleaning power to remove tough road films such as road grime, bug splatter, salt, mud, soil, and grease. Providing freeze protection down to 0°F, CAM2 365 provides excellent solvency and freeze protection for year round use in most climates. FEATURES/BENEFITS ✓ Protects to 0°F providing a year-round solution in most climates ✓ Powerful cleaning action easily removes greasy road grime, bug splatter, mud, and tar fast ✓ Thin-film technology repels rain, sleet, snow, and dirt from accumulating on surfaces ✓ Provides clear, streak-free performance ✓ Ready-to-use formula for added convenience

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