CAM2 Blue Blood Racing 4T 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil
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CAM2 Blue Blood Racing 4T 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil
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CAM2 Blue Blood V Twin 4T 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil is a high performance engine, transmission and wet clutch lubricant designed for domestic and foreign air-cooled V twin engines. CAM2 Blue Blood Motorcycle Oil provides superior high temperature protection and resists viscosity breakdown in highly stressed high RPM performance engines and transmissions. The advanced formula contains detergents and dispersants that target contaminants providing superior engine cleanliness to maximize and maintain peak engine performance. It provides outstanding wet clutch protection for maximum power transfer and smooth shifting and contains enhanced anti-wear additives for superior corrosion and wear protection. CAM2 Blue Blood Motorcycle Oil meets or exceeds American Petroleum Institute (API) SL, SJ, SH, SG and JASO MA/MA-2 service classifications. Always consult your owner’s manual.