CAM2 Fire Resistant 200 WG
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CAM2 Fire Resistant 200 WG
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CAM2 FR200 WG is a premium glycol-water type of fire-resistant fluid designed to provide optimum performance in hydraulic systems. CAM2 FR200 WG is a clear red fluid that is the latest technology with anti-wear additives, corrosion inhibitors and anti-foam additives. CAM2 FR200 WG offers fire protection under the most severe hazard conditions and is approved by Factory Mutual Insurance Laboratories. CAM2 FR200 WG is specially formulated to provide excellent service over a wide range of operation condition. This product contains a sufficient amount of water to �snuff out� ignition which could occur in hydraulic systems operation under high pressure through a sudden line rupture or fluid contact with a high temperature source. CAM2 FR200 WG contains the latest technology to provide the necessary anti-wear, corrosion protection and overall performance demanded by today�s high performance hydraulic systems. This product provides extended pump life in systems operating under high pressure or overloaded conditions and reduced downtime and maintenance costs.