• Quantity Per Pallet: 36
  • Length: 16.063
  • Width: 12.813
  • Height: 13
  • UPC Code: 00080565822064

CAM2 SuperLife Full Strength Antifreeze


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    CAM2 SuperLife Full Strength Antifreeze possesses a proprietary combination of complex carboxylic acid derivatives to protect all six standard metal alloys (iron, copper, brass, solder, aluminum, and steel) found in radiator systems. Its hybrid organic acid technology (HOAT) additive package is formulated with a stabilization system to improve the durability of its carboxylate salt base and extend its range of compatibility with both conventional inorganic salts and OAT-type antifreezes. It contains no phosphates, nitrates, borates, or silicates. In addition, the product will not cause turbidity, precipitation, or inhibitor effectiveness reduction when mixed with carboxylate based coolants nor with conventional coolants. In automobiles, this antifreeze should provide service life in excess of 5 years or 150,000 miles. It is ideal for initial fills, coolant change-outs or top-offs.

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