• Quantity Per Pallet: 84
  • Length: 13.3125
  • Width: 10.0625
  • Height: 9.3125
  • UPC Code: 00080565356125

CAM2 Multi-Vehicle Synthetic Blend ATF


  • Product Details

    CAM2 MULTI-VEHICLE SYNTHETIC BLEND ATF is a premium performance synthetic blend ATF blended with an advanced additive system for automatic and powershift transmissions. It can be recommend to give Trouble Free performance where DEXRON®-III (H), DEXRON III, MERCON®, MERCON® V, ATF 7176 +3, +4, Allison C-4 and Caterpillar TO-2 fluids are recommended. CAM2 MULTI-VEHICLE SYNTHETIC BLEND ATF is formulated to provide protection that meets or exceeds the highest quality standards in the industry. The specially balanced additive system protects against shudder, eliminates the need to stock ATF supplements and ensures a high-performance smooth driving experience. Carefully balanced friction modifiers allow friction retention for long life performance and maintain the smooth lock-ups required by a wide variety of vehicles. Enhanced oxidation, thermal stability and corrosion resistance helps maintain year-round protection of the transmission components.

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