• Quantity Per Pallet: 84
  • Length: 13.3125
  • Width: 10.0625
  • Height: 9.625
  • UPC Code: 00080565392123

CAM2 Blue Blood Elite HD 15W-40 Synthetic Engine Oil


  • Product Details

    CAM2 BLUE BLOOD ELITE SYNTHETIC HD ENGINE OIL 15W-40 with Engine DETOX, Fast Action Additives is the premium choice oil for preventative maintenance in vehicles that operate under severe driving and temperature conditions. CAM2 Blue Blood ELITE Synthetic HD Engine Oil is formulated to provide superior wear protection, thermal and shear stability, and oxidation resistance. It is suitable for use in Detroit Diesel®, Cummins®, Mack®, Caterpillar™ and Volvo® and is suitable for most naturally aspirated or turbo-charged diesel engines as well as exhaust gas re-circulated engines used in truck or off-highway equipment. API licensed CJ-4/SN.

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